Why Juice

There are many benefits of juicing fruits and veggies, the main benefits being that you can consume a large amount of nutrients in a small volume of liquid. Not all juice is created equal, it is super important that the veggie content is high and that the fruits used are low in sugar. Getting the balance just right is very important when creating a genuinely healthy juice. Having the right balance of fruit and veggies in your juice is also important as you want a juice that has an alkalizing effect on the body. Keeping the body in an alkaline state helps the body to heal and prevent disease.

Juicing gives your digestive system a break from having to breakdown food and zap your energy, after eating. Drinking cold-pressed (read more on why this is better below) juice allows you to flood your body with delicious liquid nutrients and helps your body to flush away toxins.

Yes, your body does naturally detoxify however giving it a rest from processed foods, animal products, alcohol, caffeine and sugar while hydrating it and flooding it with liquid nutrients speeds up the detoxifying process. Helping to curb cravings and resetting your system allowing you to get back on track.
Cold pressed juice
What is cold pressed juice and why is hailed as much more superior to than any other juice? Well cold pressing is when the juice is extracted without the use of heat hence the emphasis ‘cold’. If you have ever bought a juice at a juice bar you may have noticed that it has lots of foam on top and has a ‘split’ look to it. This is because most juice bars use a very fast centrifugal juicer which essentially spins a fine grater super-fast in a circular motion, the fruits and veggies are pushed through and juice squirts out the spout. The reason for the foam and split look is because spinning at such a velocity creates heat so the juice is ever so slightly heated as it gets pushed through the juicer and that split effect is actually the start of the decomposition of the juice and its precious nutrients and enzymes.

Cold pressed juicers use a much slower and process. Fruits and veggies are washed, chopped and pulped separately, the pulp is placed between large cloths and a 2,000 pound hydraulic arm slowly presses down on the pulp extracting it very slowly. This process retains all those wonderful high levels of nutrients and enzymes and gives the juice a much more delicate flavour profile. Our juice is bottled and chilled immediately then whisked away to be put through the magical high pressure process.
High pressure process
We use cold high-pressure protection to apply ginormous pressure to our juice instead of heat treating or pasteurising. This locks in nutrients, flavour & freshness giving you the tastiest, healthiest juice possible in a bottle! Below is a more detailed explanation for those who want to understand this magical process!

Let’s be honest it’s all science and not much magic here. The high-pressure process or HPP is a non-thermal (no heat treatment) method of giving shelf life, retaining nutrients and killing off microbes and pathogens that cause spoilage. It is a great natural alternative to chemical and thermal pasteurising as it is environmentally friendly and retains all the flavour and nutrients of the raw fruits and veggies.
Most juice and smoothies you buy in shops today are pasteurised. Pasteurisation is the method of heating foods/drinks well above 70 degrees centigrade to kill off any microbes/pathogens and gives a much longer shelf life however this intense heat also kills of nutrients. For example, vitamin C is completely destroyed at 40 degrees centigrade.

Our delicious juice is cold pressed and bottled, the sealed bottles go into giant vats, these are filled with cold water and that water is pressurised to 5000 Bar. If you think of the average car tyre being 35PSI, the HPP water is pressurised to 70,000 PSI. Most microbes and pathogens cannot live in this high-pressure environment and are killed off or deactivated.
This amazing process gives us a 45-day chilled shelf life, retains the precious nutrients from the raw fruit and veggies and means we never have to add anything to our juice not even water. We never ever have to heat treat or pasteurise our delicious juice thus making sure it is genuinely healthy and stays packed full of nutrients for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you like. For an added bonus all our juice is made in an allergen free juciery, the only downside to this is that we can’t use celery in any of our juices but don’t worry we have added lots of other super nutritional veggies to make up for it.