How to Spring Clean your Body and Mind

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December 15, 2016
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How to Spring Clean your Body and Mind


We tend to associate ‘Spring Cleaning’ with our homes. Sorting out your wardrobes and finally getting around to giving the bathroom a good proper clean… However we often forget our bodies and minds need a clear out too. Life can often be so busy, that we often forget take time to pause, and look after ourselves. So with the change of season – we’ve got some tips to help you get that fresh start you deserve!

  • Body

The cold, dark days of winter have finally passed. HOORAY! At Skinny Malinkys, we are more than happy to embrace Spring, and all it’s beauty with open arms. Detoxing the body with a juice cleanse, is the perfect way to recharge our bodies, and release that new sense of life! We offer a 3 or 5-day cold pressed juice cleanse that will help you feel lighter and brighter. Not only will you be flooding your body with vital nutrients, but even just committing to a 3-day cleanse, can help you lose an average weight of 6 pounds!

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  • Mind

The build-up of clutter in our minds can often be neglected. Burn out, exhaustion, worry … these can all be alarm bells from our body, telling us that we need time to relax, and recharge. Here are a few ways to reset the mind…

  1. Clear your schedule

Juggling a work and social life can be overwhelming at times. That’s why you need to clear some time for YOU. Learn to turn your ‘auto-yes’ button off sometimes. Spend time doing whatever makes you happy; may that be going for a walk, playing with your kids or scheduling in a yoga class. You spend most of your life running around helping others that you need sometime for you to collect your thoughts and welcome that smile back.

  1. Clear your mind

Pop those annoying thought bubbles that can make you worry. Write down a to-do list of what you need to do that day. Take a deep breath, and get stuck into that list first thing in the morning, when research says we are at our most productive. Seeing what your day entails, will free your mind and help you obtain those visual goals, you had written down. As well, keeping a notebook beside your bed to jot down things to do the next time will ease your mind, and help you sleep better that night.

  1. Ask for help

As difficult as it can often be to ask for help – loved ones around us want to help out! May that be a family member, neighbour or friend. Learn to loose that tight grip of control, and if there’s a job that needs done, politely ask someone close to you. They’ll be more than willing to help you out! As well, having a laugh with a friend or partner can boost happy-hormones, and help reduce stress.