Healthy Gut Box


The Healthy Gut Box. This packaged has been specifically designed to heal and promote a healthy gut, getting your digestion back on track and beating the bloat post holiday season.

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Healthy Gut Skinny Malinkys, cold pressed juice, water kefir, Panacea, Almond Milk, Suki Tea, It's Boringly Good Almond Nulk

We have combined some of the highest quality natural products around to soothe your gut and get it back to full health.

The box contains

  1. 7 x Skinny Malinkys ‘DiJUICEtive Aid’ cold pressed  juice
  2. 7 x Panacea (mixed flavours)
  3. 1 x bottle of ‘Boringly Good’ Almond Nulk (10% almonds)
  4. 15 x Suki Tea pyramidsRecommended use:Have 1 x Skinny Malinkys in the morning and 1 x Panacea during the day or evening to give your digestion a healthy boost of nutrients and friendly bacteria .Use your Almond Nulk in place of regular dairy milk. Drink your Suki tea throughout the day for a warming boost to your digestion.

    Skinny Malinkys Cold Pressed Juice

    Delicious cold pressed fruit and veggie juices that are naturally low in sugar and high in nutrients . Super Charge your life with our taste-tingling juice. Infuse your body with the highest quality liquid nutrition, packed with high levels of vitamins and minerals. Each 250ml bottle contains 2 of your 5 a day and an average of 55% veggies. Included in the healthy gut box is our delicious:

    DiJUICEtive Aid: Apple, Pear, Fennel, Cucumber, Courgette & Lime

    This juice has been blended to create a soothing and hydrating juice that contains high levels of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Potassium 27%, Vitamin C 24%, Folate 20% and Thiamine B1 19%.

    Boringly Good Almond Nulk is the UK and Ireland’s first cold-pressed, cold-pressured Almond Nulk.

    Just two ingredients – Almonds and water – not very exciting but utterly delicious. No fancy ingredients that we can’t pronounce or complicated industrial processes.

    It’s Almond Nulk made the way it should be – pure and simple. And because it’s so simple it tastes just like Almond Nulk should taste. In your breakfast porridge, your morning coffee or your afternoon tea it just works. You can’t get more boring than that.

    You know when something’s just so good, it’s boring? Well, they bottled it.

    Suki Tea

    Sourcing & Ethics
    Ethically responsible is what makes Suki Tea tick – buying Fair trade, Rainforest Alliance or Organic tea
    Quality Loose Leaf
    Suki Tea is the first tea company in the UK to hold triple certified status.
    Award Winning
    Suki Tea is a great tasting, award-winning loose leaf tea, and has recently been listed as one of the Top 50 products in the UK & ROI.


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