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September 26, 2018
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The Sniff Buster 32
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The ZingTings Sniff Buster Wellness Shot combines fresh, raw, lemons, oranges, ginger, chilli & maple syrup. All cold pressed into a zingy little shot that packs an immune boosting punch.

Designed to blast a cold out of existence before it has the chance to take hold and/or boost the immune system if it’s already had a chance to set in. Best taken daily to keep the immune system topped up.

16 Zingy cold pressed Wellness shots

Each shot contains 60ml of cold pressed juice

INGREDIENTS: 100% Natural

Lemon 42%, Orange 38%, Ginger 17%, Chili 2%,
Maple Syrup 2%


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The ultimate natural, immune boosting shot

Super immune boosting Vitamin C and antioxidant packed fresh lemons & oranges, mixed up with robust naturally antibacterial, immune boosting “messiah of natural medicine”ginger. With a dash of the nasal clearing, immune boosting power house that is fresh chilli all mellowed by the inclusion of a drop of antioxidant packed maple syrup.

Best taken daily to keep your immune system topped up.

Can be added to warm (not hot) water for a soothing drink or to cold water to create a mild flavour.

The key to these delicious zingy shots are in the name; ZingTings are fiery and pack an immune boosting punch. They contain more active natural raw ingredients than another shot on the market. When you buy a ZingTings shot don’t expect a mild shot full of sweet apple juice with a hint of ginger, expect it ZingTings!

We never add anything at all not even water as you can add water after if you want to but we’d never expect you to pay for water in your shot!

Contains 1 serving per shot

Serving Size 60ml

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Typical values per ml/100

Energy  Kj/cal                                     186 /44

Fat                                                          0.3g

Of which saturates                             0.1g

Carbohydrate                                       8.3g

Of which sugars*                                4.2g
Protein                                                   1.0g
Salt                                                          0.01g
VITAMIN C                                             51mg          64% RI

64% of daily Reference Intake (RI)

* Naturally occurring sugars


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