Water Kefir

water kefir

PLEASE NOTE: Panacea will initially be introduced as a retail only product, please contact us for more information.

Introducing Panacea water kefir – healthy drinks made using water kefir cultures.

They are dairy-free and packed with gut-friendly bacteria. These delicious cultured water drinks are the perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle, with the added benefit of helping your insides feel great.

The water kefir cultures make our bottled drinks naturally carbonated, we add natural flavours like lime and mint or zingy ginger, in filtered water for a tasty bottled drink that does you good.

The word ‘panacea’ actually means a cure or remedy for all difficulties or diseases, so we like to think we’re doing good with every bottle. We’ll drink to that!

Combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, we truly believe that Panacea Drinks can help you regain balance and promote wellness in three main areas; body, mind and soul.

Body: A healthy body is essential for enjoying life and living it to its fullest, and Panacea drinks are packed full of goodness to support your immune system and promote healthy bacteria in your gut to keep you feeling amazing.

Mind: A healthy gut leads to a healthy mind – it’s part of that ‘gut feeling’ you get when things feel good. Help your gut feel good and then the rest will follow.

Soul: Happiness is dependent on so many things, but your soul needs your body and mind to be happy too. It’s the little things that count. Do what you love, and look after yourself for a happier life.