Why Us?

We get it, there's so many choices out there and in our busy lives it's not easy to choose the right one!

Genuinely healthy

Not all juice is created equal, having the right balance of fruit and veggies in your juice is extremely important. Keeping the veggie content high and the fruits used low in sugar, while balancing the flavor is the key to creating delicious nutrient packed juice that is genuinely healthy. We are one of the only juice companies who have managed to squeeze 2 of your 5-a-day into a 250ml bottle of juice...you’re welcome!


At Skinny Malinkys we use the highest quality ingredients to make our juice, it may not always look perfect but it always tastes perfect. We juice perfect and wonkey produce to make the most delicious juice just for you. We use the most recyclable food grade PET plastic bottles to hold your juice and we deliver all our juice in recycled packaging cardboard boxes by that we mean a box that has carried something before our juice. Read more about our environmental impact here.