The Environment

What are Skinny Malinkys doing for the environment?

Here at Skinny Malinkys we are super passionate about the environment and climate change. Many of our team have made significant changes with to their life choices to have less impact on our planet. Be that becoming vegan, pescatarian or even flexitarian we are all making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, from the food we eat to the products we buy.

Why do Skinny Malinkys use plastic bottles?

We do get asked about using plastic bottles and to be honest we would love to switch to a composable bottle but after carrying out a lot of research we discovered that most compostable bottles can only be composted at special composting facilities of which there are very few around the UK or Ireland. This means that the compostable bottles often end up contaminating other recyclables so then nothing gets recycled. We use the most recyclable food grade plastic available it’s called PET, we ask that once you have finished a juice you rinse the bottle with water, crush it and replace the cap, then pop it into any recycling bin.

Why don't Skinny Malinkys use glass

Using glass is not an option for us a glass bottles cannot be HPP’d so we would have to heat treat our juice which for us is a complete No-No as pasteurising kills all those valuable nutrients that we get from cold-pressing. We want you to have the most delicious tasting juice but it must be bursting with high level nutrients too so for now we will remain in a plastic bottle until we can find a viable alternative.

How do Skinny Malinkys deliver their juice?

We have changed how we pack our juice in a bid to lower our carbon footprint and move to more recyclable packaging. We phased out all polystyrene boxes as not many councils actually recycled them. Now your juice will arrive in a recycled cardboard box (this may have random printing on it), by recycled we mean something else was shipped in it first, it is then stored for between 2-4 weeks then we use it to pack our juice cleanses.

Inside every recycled box your juice will be kept super chilled in a thermo bubble envelope which you can reuse as a chill bag when getting your shopping. All thermo envelopes are new and your juice will be the first thing that they are used for. Inside each envelope we place ice packs, these can also be reused by placing them in the freezer and using in your thermo envelope or any cool bag or box.

What are Skinny Malinkys plans for the future?

We are constantly looking for innovative new packaging solutions and researching how we can lower the carbon footprint of our business. We look at everything from the produce that goes into the juice, to packaging and processing methods, to delivery and recycling options to offsetting carbon emissions by planting trees. Our dream is to have a completely neutral supply chain and we hope you will support us in getting there.

If you have any questions about our environmental mission please feel free to get in touch.