How do I place an order?

Simply choose the cleanse packages you want and click order.

How should I store my juices?

Keep your juice in the fridge. Remove your juice from all its packaging and put them in the fridge as soon as you receive them. If you put them in the fridge in the delivery box make sure you remove the lid. If you need to take your juices to work or out and about, carry them in a cool bag with an ice-pack.

How often can I cleanse?

Simply choose the cleanse packages you It’s really up to you, some of our clients do a 1 day Restore Cleanse once a week, others cleanse once a month, while some like to do it quarterly and others just once or twice a year. What we have found is that people just keep coming back as cleansing really helps you reset your system to crave healthy food and helps you change your eating habits for good. 

Can I start on a Monday?

You can start on a Monday if you live in the surrounding Belfast area as you can come and collect from us or we can deliver within a 3 mile radius of Titanic Quarter Belfast. However if you need to have your juice couriered to you, you have to begin on a Tuesday as couriers don’t ship overnight on a Sunday.

Will I lose much weight?

Weight loss varies for each individual and is dependent on the package you choose. We don’t promote our products as a quick, weight-loss diet but more as a way of flooding your body with liquid nutrients and giving your digestive system a rest. That said you will lose weight which we like to think of as an added bonus. The average weight loss on a 3 Day Juice Cleanse is around 6LB and about 5LB on a 3 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse.

Will I just gain all the weight back?

Some of the weight loss will be fluid and as you won’t have had any soluble fiber during the cleanse you will gain a 1LB or so once you start eating again, but this is completely normal. However cleansing helps you reset your body and banish bad cravings, you will actually crave healthy food after which helps you stick to an overall healthier lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

Will a cleanse leave me needing the loo?

Contrary to what you might think a cleanse does not cause your bowels to suddenly open and leave you bound to the bathroom. The only time this may occur is if you have an allergy to an ingredient, that's why we ask about allergies.

Can I still exercise?

Yes, you can still exercise but we recommend that you only exercise lightly and cut your routine time by half, as you are not consuming enough calories to do any heavy working out. If you insist on training we recommend you add in an avocado or two to your cleanse for extra protein and fat. Really we recommend you take a rest and pamper yourself during a cleanse.

Will a cleanse make a difference to my health?

Yes. A juice cleanse gives your digestive system a well earned break allowing your vital organs to recover from the busy job they do non-stop. Living off liquid nutrients helps break down fat cells and release toxins to be flushed out by the body. This helps with skin and muscle rejuvenation, weight loss, digestive problems, IBS, psoriasis, arthritis, fatigue, acne, eczema and urticaria. You’ll see for yourself after the cleanse you’ll have a healthy complexion, hair, nails and skin. Your tummy will be flatter and you’ll feel lighter and brighter.

What order do I drink my juice in?

There is no strict order in which to consume your tasty bottles of juice. Simply spread them out throughout the day to keep your blood sugar balanced. One for breakfast, one as a mid morning ‘snack’, one for lunch, one for an afternoon ‘snack’ and one for dinner.

How long will my juice last?

When stored correctly your juice will last up to 40 days or until the best before date displayed on the lid of each bottle. It must be kept below 4 degrees centigrade at all times to keep all the high level nutrients, vitamins and minerals at their best.

Can I freeze them?

Yes, you can freeze your juice, though we recommend that you consume them fresh but if you are going to freeze your juice please decant it into different containers or drink a little out of each one, as the juice will expand when frozen.

What time will my juice arrive?

Once your juice is collected by the courier we can provide you with a tracking number to see where it is. We send the juice out in the morning and in most cases it will arrive with you the following morning.