Debunking Cold Pressing & HPP Myths

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August 20, 2015
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December 15, 2016

Debunking Cold Pressing & HPP Myths

What’s the juice with Cold-Press and HPP and why is it so much better for us?

Well read below to find out about the 2 stage process for creating  our delicious, super healthy juice.

Stage 1 Cold Pressing

Cold-pressing is a very slow process that extracts all the vital nutrients (50% more than any other type of juicing) from raw and fruit and veggies. The fruit & vegetables are pulped then put in between giant cloths where a 2,000 pound hydraulic press slowly squeezes every last drop of delicious juice out of the raw fruit and vegetables. This process is very slow & no heat is ever generated by the press which means that the juice retains all its high levels of nutrients and has a more delicate flavour profile.

All our juices are nutritionally developed to ensure that you are getting an array of high level nutrients in every drop of juice. Each 250ml bottle contains 2 of your 5 a day and has an average of 50% veggies and are naturally low in sugar.

Once our precious nutrient nectar has been juiced it is quickly put into our lovely bottles and ready to undergo stage 2 of the nutrient retaining process to keep all those amazing vitamins and minerals intact for us to flood our bodies with.


Other types of juicing such as Centrifugal (this is fast and spins in a circular motion) apply a small amount of heat to the juice from the fast spinning of the blades which means the juice has less nutrients and needs to be drunk immediately. You can see the difference in this type of juice as it splits as soon as it is juiced(this is a sign of the decomposition of the juice) and usually has a froth or foam on top. Centrifugal juices have a much more bland flavour profile.

Masticating juicers (look a bit like a drill bit or corkscrew) are slower and retain more nutrients but again they split and have a foam coating. They also need to be drunk within a few minutes of juicing, they can be kept for a few hours but must be in an ideally dark container which is filled all the way to the top so that there is no exposure to air. They can be stored like this for a few hours in the fridge but should be consumed the same day as they are losing nutrients every second.


Stage 2 High Pressure Protection/Processing (HPP)

HPP is a non-thermal (no heat treatment) method of giving shelf life, retaining nutrients and killing off microbes/pathogens that cause spoilage. It is a great natural alternative to chemical and thermal pasteurising as it is environmentally friendly and keeps in all the flavour and nutrients.

(Pasteurisation is the method of heating foods/drinks well above 70 degrees centigrade to kill off any microbes/pathogens however this intense heat also kills of nutrients. Forexample vitamin C is company destroyed at 40 degrees centigrade)


Once our delicious juice is cold pressed and bottled the sealed bottles go into giant vats, these are filled with cold water and that water is pressurised to 5000 Bar. If you think of the average car tyre being 35PSI, the HPP water is pressurised to 70,000 PSI. Microbes/pathogens cannot live in this high pressure environment. This amazing process gives us a 45 day shelf life, retains the precious nutrients from the raw fruit and veggies and means we never have to add anything to our juice not even water. We never ever have to heat treat or pasteurise our delicious juice thus making sure it is healthy & stays full of nutrients for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you like.