Before Starting


“Our bodies can do amazing things, all they need are the right ingredients”. That’s why here at Skinny Malinky’s our aim is to make healthily, nourishing food accessible to as many people as possible hence our great prices. What’s the juice?

  • Cleanse The health benefits of juices come from the fact that JUICING concentrates the energy of enzymes, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. It is because juices have an alkalizing affect on your bloodstream that  helps your body flush away TOXINS – toxic waste that has accumulated over time
  • Drink You will receive a minimum of 4 flavours of juice depending on the package you ordered. There are no strict rules around what juice you drink when. Some people like to begin with a Carrot kick start while others like to start the day with greens. We recommend that you space your drinks out evenly throughout the day, one for breakfast – one as a mid-morning snack- one for lunch- one as an afternoon snack and one for dinner. Make it fit your lifestyle that way you’ll find it a lot easier to do.
  • Weight Yes you will feel much lighter and probably lose between 3 and 6lbs on a 3 day cleanse – but this is not a ‘lose weight quick’ diet, – it’s a healthy, nutrient rich cleanse which will help   kick start weight loss and help you get back on the healthy eating track and most importantly will allow your body to get rid of the negative build up of toxins in your system!
  • Bits All our juices are hand-made especially for you, and on occasion you may get small bits of fruit and veggies in your juice, don’t worry they are still good for you, just eat them up.

The Preparation

We recommend that you prepare your body for a cleanse by cutting back on caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, dairy products and artificial sugars in the run up to your juice fast.  Ideally you cut them back gradually in the days before your Skinny Malinky’s Juice cleanse so they are completely eliminated from your diet by the time you begin. Caffeine is a drug and even if you only have 1 tea or coffee a day your body will miss it, this can result in a headache.

  • Try to phase it out by cutting down by 1 cup per day then every other day, then every few days, you will notice a difference and you’ll find you don’t need it anymore.
  • Try to drink hot water and lemon, naturally caffeine free herbal teas and green tea. There are lots of flavours out there to choose from, try a few and find your favourite.
  • If the thought of going without food freaks you out, then stock up on raw nuts (we love Almonds), Avocados, fruits & veggies then you have ‘clean’, detox friendly food(s) on hand should you really need them. Remember this is not a time of ‘I CAN”T HAVE’, this is a time when you CAN eat anything you want but you are CHOOSING to nourish your body with Juice and Super Foods.


Storage – this bit is very important!

  • Real juice is raw and ‘Living’, it will keep in the fridge for up to 5 weeks, this is due to the cold High Pressure Process (HPP) used.
  • Natural separation may occur with your juice, don’t worry just shake it, to wake it and drink it down!
  •  Once a juice has been opened drink it immediately to ensure you are getting the maximum nutritional benefits.
  • Keep refrigerated and simply drink/chew throughout day to flood your body with nutrients!


Actual Use

Order of use:Drink your juice in any order you like, it’s your cleanse so enjoy it your way.  Drink/Chew:Yip that’s right, chew your juice as much as possible. When we eat, chewing activates our digestive juices when food mixes with the saliva, so maximize your body’s nutrient absorbing potential and Chew, chew, chew.  Not chewing will make your cleanse less effective, it’s your choice!

Our bodies naturally detox while we sleep, so try to get more ZZZZZZ’s during your Skinny Malinky’s Juice cleanse, go to bed earlier and cut back on your usual workout regime by at least 50%. Our clients report sleeping better and that they can get up more easily in the morning (BONUS), by day 4 most report ‘Bouncing’ out of bed!

We do recommend you take it easy when exercising, half your usual work out or maybe even just go for a walk and have a nice relaxing bath, you deserve it, you are cleansing after all.


 Just in Case!

Remember:Always see your GP first if you are concerned about your health. Please note that you should not undertake a cleanse if you are under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have any concern, you are taking specific medication or you have a medical condition please check with your doctor first.

Post Cleanse

After the cleanse we recommend you introduce foods slowly focusing on plant based foods first. Breakfast:The first morning eat lightly. We love Almond or peanut butter on an apple or banana. If you need a little more boiled eggs and asparagus to dip in. or a light omelette (dairy free)  with your fav veg. Or half an avocado on some good quality rye bread, if you feel you really need bread.  You will probably crave more juice so you might want to order our Thy Daily juice package to follow up your cleanse with.   Drink lots of water and herbal tea and if you are going back to caffeine introduce it slowly, one a day. Lunch:A soup or salad again try to keep it plant based add nuts, seeds and/or avocado for protein.   Fresh fruit and nuts are great snacks to keep you going as you really will crave healthy food. Dinner: A nice big salad, add Eggs (if you haven’t already had them today) nuts, seeds, Avocado, if you feel you need more add fish, or meat. A Veg stir fry any combination you like but use herbs and spices to taste and avoid any sticky sweet sauces. Fresh Spring onions, garlic, ginger, chilli and coriander make a great base, add some gluten free Soy sauce and again if you need some more add fish/meat of your choice.  – we love cauliflower rice but a wheat free noodles or brown rice can be introduced in a small amount now.  Try to follow this for a couple of days after as you will feel great and will have lots of energy. Introduce other foods slowly and pay attention to how they make you feel after you eat them. take note and decided if you really want to keep them in your diet.