About us

Skinny Malinkys was founded in 2013 by Paula Heaney. Paula has suffered from an autoimmune condition called Chronic Urticaria for 6 years. She had done a lot of research into how juicing with the right kinds of healthy fruit and veggie juice could help manage and, in some cases, even cure many auto immune conditions.

After a tour around California trialling and tasting every juice she could, she came home and set up a juicery with the help of her younger sister Fifi, every day going to the fruit and veggie suppliers at 4 am to ensure they got the freshest produce but also taking the so called “miss shaped and wonky” produce too. Then it was back to the juicery to prepare all the fruits and veggies, wash, chop, peel, measure, juice and then bottle the delicious juice.

This was very labour intensive, and the juice only lasted for a day as we started with a centrifugal juicer, this meant if someone ordered a 3-day cleanse we had to deliver to their house every morning of everyday of their cleanse. As soon as we had enough money, we bought a cold pressed juicer, this was a huge leap for us as it meant our juice retained many more nutrients (up to 50% more) than a centrifugal juicer but also gave the juice a 3 day shelf life.

The cold pressed juicer made things a little easier, but Paula wanted more as she had discovered high-pressure process or HPP in the USA but didn’t know it was available to do here. It wasn’t long before she sussed it out and boom suddenly the juice could now retain all its high levels of nutrients and have a chilled shelf life of 45 days. This changed everything, it meant we didn’t have to go to get fruit and veggies and to do all of the prep and juicing every day. This allowed us to focus on getting a website up and running and start shipping the juice in thermal boxes so that we could now sell to anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

The aim of Skinny Malinkys has always been to make genuinely healthy juice accessible to as many people as possible. We have always kept our prices as low as we can so more people can afford to buy them while allowing us to still operate. Which has at times been tricky but knowing how much juice has positively changed our lives we had to keep going as we just knew we could help more people.
If you have any questions at all please see our FAQ’s and if you can’t find it there please feel free to get in touch we are always more than happy to talk to our customers. Stay healthy and happy juicing. Paula x Paula Heaney Founder