3 quick and easy tips for rejuvenating yourself and avoiding the sugar coma this Easter

3 tips for avoiding the sugar coma and feeling rejuvenated this Easter
April 14, 2017
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July 5, 2017

3 quick and easy tips for rejuvenating yourself and avoiding the sugar coma this Easter

Easter holidays are finally here! This time of year can often leave us feeling in a bit of a sugar coma thanks to all the sugary foods consumed. Avoid the slump and feel rejuvenated over the holidays with these 3 simple tips…

Get Outside

Take your dog for a walk, visit a local Farmer’s market to buy some fresh food, or whatever you fancy doing to get a bit of fresh air. Hit the beach, climb a hill,
check out your local landscape, jump on a bike or just walk down the road. Being outside will work wonders for both your body and mind and will get you away from the choccy temptations!

Eat Wholesome Foods

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, especially at Easter time, however there is a thing called ‘over-doing it’… Make sure you’re staying hydrated. Water is a great way to do so, and of course our delicious cold pressed juice will ensure optimum hydration with a massive burst of nutrients, to help with muscle function pre & post walk/workout, boost the immune system, energy levels, and circulation and our DiJUICEtive Aid will help soothe the digestive system and and be bloat if you have lost the run of your self with the choppy bunnies!

Raw chocolate, also known as cacao, is a fantastic way to satisfy any chocolatey cravings you have especially at Easter. It’s regarded as a ‘superfood’ and is made from raw, not roasted, cocoa beans to help preserve the chocolate’s nutritional content. You can buy cacao in many forms, including powder, butter and nibs. We found https://www.rawchocpie.co.uk/Shop/Product/Raw_Chocolate_Easter_Egg these guys make fully raw chocolate eggs ideal for Easter. One of our favs is https://www.ombar.co.uk as they make the most amazing raw chocolate bars that are packed with super foods and extra nutritional goodness like iron, magnesium and potassium and they are a super healthy choice for your chocolate-hit this Easter.Meditate

Use this time off work to pause and recharge your batteries. Whether that be through a morning yoga session or journaling a gratitude list of all the things that you are thankful for. Even taking a quick 2 minutes to simply breath deeply in and out will help you to centre yourself and connect with your  true self. There are some good apps out there you can use to help with this one of our favs is Calm https://www.calm.com you can simply breathe for a few seconds, meditate, listen to the sea or rain falling in the rain forest, the short little time outs really do wonders for reducing stress, and anxiety while helping you connect to your inner self, allowing you to refocus. Doing so will help you realise all the positives in your life, and leave you in a good vibes only mindset.

Have a very happy Easter xxx